Premium Fiberglass Pools

Premium Fiberglass Pools offers one of the largest selections available. With over 40 different size and style combinations, we've got a pool for every backyard and budget!


Modern Design Pools

11' x 25' x 4'

The Palm is a great fiberglass pool choice when you have a small space and want to incorporate modern design with straight lines. What makes this pool unique are its numerous steps and benches, as well as a small nook that would make a great location for a planter or water feature.

12' x 22' x 4'

When you are looking for a small, modern pool design with an edgy style, our popular Key West is the one! This pool can be positioned in virtually any location due to its size and the fact that it has step entries on both ends, with strategically located wrap-around benches.

15' x 28' x 6'

The Alpine is a perfect family pool! Its streamlined, single-edge entry steps allow plenty room for loungers and seep-end dwellers alike. This soft line take on a rectangular pool design will add an element of clean line simplicity to any backyard.

15' x 32' x 6'

Have you ever wondered what it would be like having a pool with tons of swim room and lots of room for your family and friends to hang out and relax? Wonder no more! Our Mystic has all of this and more. There are various benches located around this pool, great for a pool party!

15' x 34' x 6'

By far, the Aloha is one of our most versatile and popular models. This sports pool named because of its V-bottom design is perfect for water sports!

16' x 42' x 8'

Swimmers and loungers alike will enjoy the Mira Largo. With a unique stair design and seating in the deep end, this beauty is one of the best designs in the industry.

Free Form Design Pools

11' x 23' x 5'6"

The Neptune features elegant side entry steps with a beautiful curved seat that wraps around the pool. This unique shape is both elegant and modern, and provides many design opportunities.

14' x 32' x 6'

If shapely style is what you desire, the Atlantis will capture your imagination. The cozy benches invite privacy, and the stylish entry steps and bench seat add sophistication to this timeless beauty.

16' x 38' x 6'

If you are looking for a pool and spa combo, the Serenade is the perfect choice! It is inundated with beautiful entry steps and large seating areas making this the perfect pool & spa for hours and hours of great entertaining and family fun.

16' x 41' x 6'6"

The Vision has multiple entry points so you can easily access your pool regardless of where it is installed in your backyard. It has a long bench and elegant steps like our Beachcomber however, it also features an additional deep-end spacious seating area and has a depth of 6 1/2 feet.

16' x 35' x 6'

The Isabella's elegant free-form style, wide open spaces, combination entry points, and many thoughtful details make it the perfect model for backyard gatherings and a large crowd.

16' x 40' x 8'

The Beachcomber has multiple entry points so you can easily access your pool, regardless of where it is installed in your backyard. The long bench provides a place for relaxation or pool time conversations. There is plenty of swim area in this model, and its deep end makes it perfect for family fun.

Roman and Kidney Design Pools

11' x 27' x 5'6"

The classic style of the Roman model is always a sure winner. Its cozy conversational cove in the deep end does not take away from the ample swim space. The symmetrical entry steps and seating make this model perfect when you want plenty of swim room and classic beauty rolled into one package.

15' x 34' x 6'6"

The Bellagio is everything a classic pool should be: ample seating, traditional Roman design, shallow areas for conversations, and plenty of room to play. This model is often used in combination with an automatic pool cover for a sleek unified design.

12' x 24' x 5'6"

The Islander is a nice model if you are looking for natural curves to blend in with your surroundings. This model has spacious entry steps, and a small bench, making it a perfect option if you have a smaller space but still want a good swim area.

9'6" x 16' x 48"

With our new Evolution Above Ground there is no need to pay permit or installation fees! This great new "hybrid" pool provides the convenience, size and budget of a vinyl liner in ground pool but is constructed out of superior fiberglass! Simply place on a suitable foundation, fill, plug in and enjoy!

9'6" x 16' x 48"

Our brand new Evolution works in any backyard. It's perfect for small families and those looking for daily aqua therapy. Although new to our line up, it is fast becoming one of our big sellers!

12' x 28' x 6'

If you want to create a natural waterscape with beautiful steps and ample seating, the Luau may be the perfect model for you. Because of the way this model has been designed, you have natural design style, ample seating, and plenty of swim area.

Patio and Lap Pools

7'9" x 14' 9" x 4'

Space is no issue for the Kihei. This rectangular model fits well into even the smallest of spaces and is perfect for lap swimming. The Kihei is ideal for those looking for both swim and spa uses.

8' x 14' x 22"

If you're looking to make just a small splash or need a separate body of water to create a multiple-pool backyard, consider the Tide Pool. The Tide Pools makes a perfect kiddie pool and can be used for lounging and tanning in just a few inches of water. Many customers add it on as a tanning deck to a larger pool.

8'4" x 18' x 50"

Perfect for a narrow backyard, the Marina offers plenty of space and the perfect depth for water aerobics. The large bench provides plenty of room for spectators and for entertaining; it's really the best of both worlds.

10'3" x 18'5" x 4'4"

The unique shape of the Retreat makes it a perfect option if you like flair and elegance. Its compact size and modern features complement many backyard styles, and the elegant center steps make accessing this beauty easy to position in small backyards.

11' x 18' x 4'6"

The unique design of the Sand offers the ultimate in functionality and flexibility. Seating in this model hugs one side of the pool and highlights a unique semi-circle cutout. Designed with imagination in mind, the options for this space are unlimited: a poolside fire ring, an in-ground drink cooler, a lovely shade tree... the options really are endless.

11' x 20' x 5'

This little gem is proof that smaller swimming pools do not need to be boring. Its interesting angles make for unlimited design possibilities in landscaping. The corner benches offer a place to enjoy the deep end, and ample stairs also provide lots of room to relax. This pool has all the amenities of a large pool without all the fuss.