The Viking Pool A.C.P.™(Advanced Composite Pool)
Combining premium raw materials and our unique four-stage installacturing process creates a pool with unsurpassed appearance and performance.

Closed-beam construction means your pool is build using the strongest method of construction available in the pool industry!

Installation step 1
1. The pool layout is carefully marked for precision.

Installation step 2
2. The dig begins the process for perfection.

Installation step 3
3. The hole is carefully prepared to achieve proper shape and depth.

Installation step 4
4. Now that the parameters are correct, the pool is ready to be set in place.

Installation step 5
5. The timely process of filling the pool with water begins.

Installation step 6
6. The proper plumbing and electrical equipment is installed.

Installation step 7
7. The concrete is poured around the pool and its foundation.

Installation step 8
8. Your lifetime guaranteed Viking Pool.